How Cubination works

Cubination is powered by Fitcrack

We are the first platform running Fitcrack as a scalable cloud-based solution. It is a professional open-source distributed password cracking system. It can be used for recovering passwords, securing various types of encrypted media like documents, archives, or disk volumes, and breaking raw cryptographic hashes.

Hashcat tool

Thanks to Hashcat, we support a wide range of supported formats and offer the ultimate cracking performance. The computation is hardware-accelerated using the OpenCL technology, distributing the cracking process onto all available GPUs.

Enterprise cloud infrastructure

Cubination operates in data centers full of custom fine-tailored servers equipped with high-end GPUs. With such power, you get the optimal environment for high-speed processing of your cracking tasks. Cubination is scalable - you can compute your tasks highly in parallel on multiple GPUs, and you may distribute them over several computing nodes.

Attack modes

Select from 7 attack modes in the Cubination UI:

Brute-force attack

Dictionary attack

Combination attack

Hybrid wordlist + mask

Hybrid mask + wordlist

PRINCE attack

PCFG attack


Cutting-edge distributed password recovery system

Highly extensible, customize the tool to fit your needs

Powerful GPU-equipped computing nodes. Deploy as many as you need. Control all using a user-friendly web interface

Easy to use

350+ supported hash formats

Group, automate, and schedule your password cracking tasks

Ideal for law enforcement and digital forensics use

Automated hash extraction from MS Office, PDF, ZIP, RAR, and 7z files

Fully GPU-accelerated using OpenCL & CUDA technologies

Support for custom character sets