Getting Started with Cubination

Welcome to Cubination – The distributed password cracking system.

This is your comprehensive and friendly user's guide. It focuses on the Webadmin app, which is the primary way of controlling the Cubination system. It was designed to be elegant and as user-friendly as possible for a password cracking control panel. Here's what you can expect to find in this documentaion:

  • Getting familliar with the interface
  • An overview of how Cubination works
  • How to connect compute nodes
  • How to create a cracking job
  • What options are available for cracking
  • How to work with jobs
  • How to extend the system asset library
  • How to manage users and resources

Before we can get started, you need to have your instance up and running. To learn more about that, visit the Cubination main site.


First login

When your Cubination instance is available, you can access it via the link you're provided with. You will also receive your credentials for logging into Webadmin. Your instance account has been prepared for you in advance.

Once logged into Webadmin, you are ready to start using Cubination! Let's go take a look around the app next.